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  Next Level Focus Mentoring is a community based non-profit organization to provide today's youth with positive interaction to empower our future generation.

Quality Mentors


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Non-school hours, weekend, and summer programs.  
Street Gang prevention and intervention.  
Spiritual counseling.  
Sports, recreation, and other activities promoting physical fitness and teamwork.  
Character development and ethical enrichment activities.  

Understanding The Youth Mindset

Youth with a growth mindset understand that intelligence can be developed. These students focus on learning over just looking smart, see effort as the key to success, and thrive in the face of a challenge.

Youth with a fixed mindset believe that people are born with a certain amount of intelligence, and they canít do much to change that. These students focus on looking smart over learning, see effort as a sign of low ability, and wilt in the face of a challenge.

Youth with a growth mindset do better in school and other areas of life that require perseverance, self-reflection, and good decision making.


Here at NLFM, we focus on showing the youth how to use their growth mindset!


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